3 Tips To Break The Stubborn Potty Training Phase In Your Toddler

Has your child reached potty training age? Do they show an interest in the task? Do you constantly sit them on the potty, only to see no results? Would you like to get your child’s stubborn potty training on a roll so that they finally use the toilet? Rest easy! There are things you can try that will get their training moving on the right track.

1 – Are They Really Ready?

It may be that your kid is showing signs of wanting to be trained but really isn’t ready for it. Too often, parents get overly excited about their toddler getting on that they purchase pull-ups too soon. Pressuring your toddler before they’re really ready for the toilet could cause them to regress. Many parents are under the mistaken impression that their child must be trained by the age of 2… three at latest.

Here’s what you need to understand parents .Your toddler, even if he/she is showing an interest in potty training, may not be physically and/or emotionally ready to take that step. Parents can feel aggravated or upset if their kid is not trained and wearing a diaper by a certain age.

What can happen if you push your toddler into using the potty before they are ready? It can lead them into having constipation, which may cause them to experience fissures. You may have to take them to the doctor more often too.

You really need to take clues from them, as to when they are ready. That doesn’t mean letting them choose the time they want to go. You just need to give them some encouragement and help them to be successful in their training endeavor.

2 – Be Consistent

When you train them, you must be consistent. After all, children will learn through repetition. Be sure that you take your child – every 30 minutes – to the bathroom, even if they don’t need to go. Use an egg timer to remind both you when it’s time to sit on the potty.

3 – Be Encouraging

They will go further if you give them some encouragement. Each time your child is on it, let him/her know that you’re happy with their trying to use the bathroom on the toilet. Don’t bribe your child. Rather, use incentives such as a sticker chart or underwear to encourage them to continue using the “big boy/girl” potty.

Each time they do use, place a sticker on their chart so they can see the progress they have made. If you’re going to get your child trained, you must be patient and encouraging. In time, they’ll master the skill of potty training.

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