4 Ways You Can Prevent Potty Training Regression In Your Child

What do you think about your potty training experience with your toddler? Has it been easy or difficult? Are you noticing your toddler is experiencing bathroom accidents on a regular basis? Do you want to prevent regression in your toddler?


4 Things To Note


1 – Look For Signs

Many parents often wonder if their 18-month-old is ready for the adult toilet. It’s important to remember that every kid is different. So, even if your friend’s kid is showing signs they are ready for the potty training process, it does not mean that your child is ready too.

Many parents make a huge mistake in forcing their kids to potty train before they are even ready. This can lead to lots of aggravation for both them. It can also lead to potty training regression. There are actually three signs to let you know he/she is ready for potty training:

– They know what the difference is in being wet and dry

– They have taken the diaper off on their own

– They show interest in sitting down on the toilet

Many parents become excited when their toddler does any of the above. However, you don’t need to rush out and purchase pull-ups.

Sure, it’s so nice they’re showing interest. However, you should only gently encourage them. You do not want to force them toward it unless they truly want to go. If you force them, it may cause them to regress in the process.


2 – Give Them Some Encouragement

Have you ever noticed your child mimicking your feelings and emotions – whatever those may be? Well, if they use the it, be sure you make it a huge deal. Dance, jump up and down and cheer to show them how proud of them you are. When you do this, they’ll be proud of themselves and be encouraged to do it again.

Be aware that there is a difference between bribery and rewards. Don’t over-reward them because they’ll expect it every time they use them. Make it an unexpected treat.


3 – Home vs. School Environment

Did you know that two different environments can be difficult for them to potty train in? The reason is that the expectations are different between the school and home environment. On top of that, at home, you only got one or two children (maybe three) where, at school, there are at least 10 kids.

When it comes to potty training, you and the teacher must be on the same wavelength. So, if they goes to the bathroom every 30 minutes at home, they should be doing the same thing at school. Be sure to develop a plan with your child’s teacher and listen to what they have to say on the matter. They may provide some insight that will help you with your child and things that could positively and/or negatively affect the process.


4 – Weekend Training

There have been instances where kids have been trained over a weekend. And, it can be done! What you have to do is spend the whole weekend at home and have your kids wear underwear all day.

They will have multiple accidents. That’s just a given! However, he/she will learn that they don’t want to be wet and will do whatever it takes to stay dry. Whatever you do, do not yell or hit them for the accidents. This will only cause them to regress during the process.

It’s going to take some time and patience. However, be positive and give them some encouragement to help them continue the process. Consistency is key so prepare yourself for the extra loads of laundry you’ll have along with the accidents and, before you know it, your child will be potty trained.