3 Tips To Successfully Potty Train Your Toddler

Is your child ready for the toilet? Mixed feelings are often associated with this step in a child’s progress. While many folks are excited for their kid to be potty trained, many are unsure just where to begin. If you want to ensure a success then, here are some helpful tips to.


1 – Enticements

If you want to encourage them to use the toilet, consider enticing them. It’s not bribery! Rather, it’s positive reinforcements and rewards for when your child sits on or uses the toilet successfully. Some worthwhile enticements are stickers and child-themed underwear.

A way to get them to use the potty is to be excited for them when they try it. This helps nurture their sense of achievement. Kids get easily passionate about things. So, consider using your enthusiasm to encourage them to do again what he/she did to get the positive attention in the first place. If you smother them with positive attention, they will want to repeat the act more and more.


2 – Sit Down Beside Them

Do not rush the potty training process. Rather, sit down next to them and bond with them. It may take them several times on the potty before they go but do not rush them during this time. Eventually, your kid will go to the bathroom – pee or poop – and the event will be positive for you both.

The more often they sits on the toilet, the less time there will be for talk. Rather, they will want to do his/her business and won’t sit there for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. What happens if your child is expecting a reward after sitting on the toilet for several minutes?

The best thing you can do is to encourage them to stay on it a little longer. However, do not force the issue with them. If you force the issue, it could cause them to become fearful of it. Do you want to be forced into something you don’t want to do? Of course not! So, why would your child be any different?


3 – Diaper or Underwear

Does your child wear underwear already? It’s not uncommon for them to experience bathroom accidents elsewhere than the bathroom. Have them help you by changing out of their clothes and getting new ones on as well as help with the mess. This helps to nurture responsibility and self-independence.

You may have heard of instances where parents potty trained their kids in one weekend? It’s reality! It can be done! When they wears underwear, he/she knows when they are wet or dry. Allowing them to wear underwear gives them some mobility. If they have soiled on themselves, they don’t like the feeling and will do whatever they can to not feel it again. When they are in his/her underwear, they’re more likely to pay attention to when they have to use the restroom.


Additional Tips For The Weekend

1 – Choose a weekend where you have nowhere to be but at home.

2 – Have lots of extra underwear and clothes on hand.

3 – Ready yourself for the accidents.

4 – When you place your toddler in underwear, make sure you take them to the bathroom often especially after they eat or drink.

5 – Allow your child to be involved in the changing clothes process, which will teach them independence and responsibility.

And, here’s one more tip for you parents: be patient. Potty training is going to take time. However, if you’re consistent in it, you can successfully potty train your toddler.