3 Potty Training Tips To Stop Children From Wetting Their Pants

It’s quite normal for children between the ages of two and three to wet their pants. And, the reason for this is the age in which children gain control over their bladder. For parents, it can be rather frustrating to have a child so close to being potty trained, only to have them regress back into wetting their pants.

Here’s what you need to remember: every child is different, which means every child learns at his/her own speed. Forcing them to do something they are not ready to do will cause them to take a step backwards. Still, there are things you can do to keep them moving forward and not experience wetting accidents.


Weekend Toilet Training Can Happen

How many times have you heard that a parent toilet trained their child in one weekend? Believe it or not, there are some kids who can be potty-trained in a weekend. What happens is that the parents are dedicated to teaching their child how to use the bathroom. They will spend one whole weekend, letting their child wear underwear and frequently putting them on the toilet. By weekend’s end, the child is potty trained.

When a child wears a diaper or pull-up, they cannot discern between wet or dry. When they’re wet, they don’t know it and they’re not bothered by it. However, with underwear, they are not content with that soiled feeling because the mess runs down both their legs and can be very uncomfortable. When you put your child in underwear for the weekend, he/she will toilet train quicker.


Use A Timer

How many children do you know play and play and play and never stop to use the bathroom? The reason is that children do not like to have their playtime disturbed. Use a timer to remind your child of when they need to go to the bathroom without you having to specifically tell them. Let them know that when the timer dings, they must go to toilet and sit down.

Be sure you make potty training fun. Each time the timer dings, say with enthusiasm, “It’s potty time!”  In time, your child will not have to be reminded that they must go to the bathroom. They’ll just go!


Reward System

A reward system is not a bribing system. So, come up with a reward system such as sticker chart. Each time your potty training child goes to the bathroom, place a sticker on the chart. The sticker chart is a visual aid for them to see how far they’ve come. Do not use food as a reward system since it can thwart the potty training efforts.


Above all else, you must show support to your child. Be encouraging during this process since it’ll be scary for him/her.

Here’s what you need to remember to ensure children stop wetting their pants:

  1. Every child will learn on his/her own time. Do not force it!
  2. Every child will have accidents. Be patient!
  3. Use various methods to ensure the potty training is a success.
  4. Be encouraging to your child’s toilet training process.