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3 Tips To Successfully Potty Train Your Toddler

Is your child ready for the toilet? Mixed feelings are often associated with this step in a child’s progress. While many folks are excited for their kid to be potty trained, many are unsure just where to begin. If you want to ensure a success then, here are some helpful tips to.   1 – Enticements If you want to encourage them to use the toilet, consider enticing them. It’s not bribery! Rather, it’s positive reinforcements and rewards for when your child sits on or uses the toilet successfully. Some worthwhile enticements are stickers and child-themed underwear. A way to get them to use the potty is to be excited for them when they try it. This helps nurture their sense of achievement. Kids get easily passionate about things. So, consider using your enthusiasm to encourage them to do again what he/she did to get the positive attention in the […]


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