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Toilet Training Your Child? 3 Tips Parents Should Use To Make The Process Go Smoother

When you’re toilet training your child, do you often get advice and tips on how to make the process go easier? Many times, relatives and friends will offer their two cents worth about how to potty train a child. You may feel overwhelmed by the plethora of information you are given; more so, if the information you are given contradicts one another.   Here’s my 3 Tips   1 – Be Consistent In Every Environment It’s so important that you stay consistent in every environment he/she is in. The environments include home (both homes if the parents are no longer together), school, daycare, church, etc. If the same attention is not applied consistently throughout the process, the child will be slower in being potty trained due to the confusion he/she feels. Make sure everybody is on the same wavelength during this time. Be sure that you have a consistent toilet […]


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