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Talking to Toddlers Review – Now When I Talk, My Toddler Actually Listens!

I thought I was skilled in handling preschoolers, but I never considered language techniques as a means of modifying behavior. Chris Thompson’s Talking to Toddlers: Dealing with the terrible twos and beyond has opened up a new avenue of thought for me and for anyone who is trying to change the moods of stubborn toddlers. If you’re still struggling at mealtimes, their bedtime or just listening to you, then please continue to read. At first I was skeptical because what has this “NLP” got to do with handling a two-year-old? Turns out it is pretty relevant after all. Chris uses language techniques to help toddlers behave better. He doesn’t hypnotize them at all; he just uses their fertile little minds as a growing field in which to seed behavior suggestions.  He mixes what he knows about hypnosis with the 15 years he spent studying language techniques to come up with a pretty unique approach to parenting. What […]


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What Makes the Terrible Twos So Terrible and Not so Terrible!

When your little bundle of joy comes home from the hospital, everyone is falling over themselves to get to them. They coo how beautiful they are and how precious they are. They tell you how blessed you are to have had such a beautiful baby. However, that is always that one person who makes the annoying remark about the terrible twos. “Enjoy it now because the terrible twos will be here before you know it!” First of all, this kind of talk puts a damper on your happy moment. Second of all, the terrible twos may seem terrible, but if you understand them and them in perspective, they may not be so bad after all. The question on the minds of many parents is “Is the terrible twos cliché fact or fiction?” The answer is yes and yes. Can your child become a little temper tantrum throwing monster when they […]


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Terrible Twos Help: 2 Simple Reasons Why They Do Silly Things!

Needing a little terrible twos help? You’re not alone. It can be very disheartening when your loving little infant son who used to delight in nothing more than snuggling in your arms and sucking on his pacifier becomes a mean, demanding, tornado-making, bite provoking, Blue’s Clue’s watching tyrant. From pouring all the macaroni down the living room vent to sticking your older kids Legos up his nose, once your toddler hits two it seems like it becomes one difficult task to tackle after the other. Chances are if you have a child that has just entered his twos then you have already had to call your husband at work in a frantic tizzy saying “Where are the pliers? There’s a pea stuck in Luke’s nose!” or had to call up your mother instead to plead “Please, pretty, pretty please come and get this kid!” Anyone who has ever gone through […]


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