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3 Principles That Are Needed When Teaching Your Children Phonics

If you are teaching your children how to read, then teaching phonics and phonemic awareness are a necessity. Both are the keys to a successful reading program.  The phonemic awareness teaches the single sounds of letters while the phonics focuses on higher level blending and segmenting skills. A child who can master reading does so with knowledge of letter and their sounds and their connections to words. Once mastered your children will be fluent readers and spellers. It also increases their self-confidence and self-image.   There are three principles that are needed to teach reading to your children: 1) Read high interest words, sentences and stories. 2) You want reading to fun, rewarding and enjoyable. Making reading a chore sets the child up for failure, as reading will have a negative connotation for them. This does require some patience and creativity on the parents end. 3) Reading can only truly […]


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3 Tips On How To Teach Your Child To Read

One of the most important lessons a child can learn in their young life is how to read. Reading opens up the world around them and gives them the insights into the logic and reason. It also gives them the opportunity to enjoy stories and rhymes by having the ability to tell it to themselves. Everyone learns at their own pace and some just catch on faster than others. That’s where you the parent come in and make decisions about what activities and books are going to help them develop into excellent readers. You can do this because you know what your child’s ability is better then anyone. When your child was born into this amazing world, they immediately rely on you to give them the needed support to develop into functional and literate human beings. As their first teacher, you will have the most influence on them in some […]

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