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Talking to Toddlers Review – Now When I Talk, My Toddler Actually Listens!

I thought I was skilled in handling preschoolers, but I never considered language techniques as a means of modifying behavior. Chris Thompson’s Talking to Toddlers: Dealing with the terrible twos and beyond has opened up a new avenue of thought for me and for anyone who is trying to change the moods of stubborn toddlers. If you’re still struggling at mealtimes, their bedtime or just listening to you, then please continue to read. At first I was skeptical because what has this “NLP” got to do with handling a two-year-old? Turns out it is pretty relevant after all. Chris uses language techniques to help toddlers behave better. He doesn’t hypnotize them at all; he just uses their fertile little minds as a growing field in which to seed behavior suggestions.  He mixes what he knows about hypnosis with the 15 years he spent studying language techniques to come up with a pretty unique approach to parenting. What […]


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