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4 Important Tips To Help You Stop A Child Crying and Keep Your Sanity

Have you ever been so frustrated by your child’s crying that the worst part of you comes out? And, the more aggravated you are by it, the worse his/her crying is? There are some children who can be consoled very easily. And, there are some kids whose crying makes it sounds like they’re being killed. So, what can you do to stop a child crying? Imagine, if you will, a two-year-old who is overly dramatic. Sure, two-year-olds are already dramatic. However, just picture this overly dramatic two-year-old who howls at the slightest touch you give him/her, as if you are killing her. It can be extremely difficult to stop a child crying when they’re in this state. But, it can be done.   Implementing Coping Skills To Help Children Children, like adults, have their own coping methods for when they are upset or angry. For example, adults may need space […]


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