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3 Tips You Can Use To Stop A Toddler From Biting

Most parents believe their children are little angels with no capacity to hurt someone else. However, parents often learn that their child is no such thing and has bitten someone. What can you do to stop a toddler from biting?   1 – Be Sure You Learn Why They Are Biting Many toddlers bite; but, to get them to stop biting you need to learn why they are biting in the first place. Many bite because they’re upset and don’t know the right way to express the emotion. They automatically do the first thing that pops into their mind – biting, hitting, pulling, pushing, etc. Toddlers tend to explore the area of cause and effect such as what would happen if he/she pushed another child or knock over a child’s blocks. All throughout the day, a toddler’s mind has these thoughts. Bear in mind that this is a small child, […]


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