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4 Ways You Can Prevent Potty Training Regression In Your Child

What do you think about your potty training experience with your toddler? Has it been easy or difficult? Are you noticing your toddler is experiencing bathroom accidents on a regular basis? Do you want to prevent regression in your toddler?   4 Things To Note   1 – Look For Signs Many parents often wonder if their 18-month-old is ready for the adult toilet. It’s important to remember that every kid is different. So, even if your friend’s kid is showing signs they are ready for the potty training process, it does not mean that your child is ready too. Many parents make a huge mistake in forcing their kids to potty train before they are even ready. This can lead to lots of aggravation for both them. It can also lead to potty training regression. There are actually three signs to let you know he/she is ready for potty […]


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