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How to Introduce Phonemic Awareness When Reading Bedtime Stories To Your Toddler

It is a known and researched fact that one of the best predictors of reading fluency in school is with development of phonemic awareness of young children. So how do you as the parent develop these skills in your child to help them get a head start on reading? You could wait till they get to school and hope that the teacher they have is very good at teaching reading or you could do something at home to develop these phonemic awareness skills and know that your child will perform well in school. You really can’t indict the teacher if your child falls behind. The overcrowding of classrooms and the number of children coming to school without the basic phonemic skill set to start the reading process is close to 1/3 and depending on the school may even be higher than 50%! Let’s start off by defining phonemic awareness. Phonics […]


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