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Lesson Plans for Toddlers – How to Make Learning Fun!

If your toddler is at the age that they should be doing preschooler activities then you may be feeling overwhelmed by the concept of “teaching”, and an inadequate substitute for an actual preschool teacher. The truth is that there is nothing a preschool teacher can do for your toddler that you cannot do at home! The main key to teaching your child (and having fun doing it!) are making toddler lesson plans. Lesson plans for toddlers do not have to be complicated so don’t be nervous. It is not like you are planning out a high school curriculum! There a plenty of activities to add to your lesson plan that will encourage your toddler to learn while having a great time with mom (or dad!). If you are a bit nervous about getting started, let me help you. I was once in your shoes and I think I can offer […]


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