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3 Tips on How To Stop Your Child From Hitting During The Testing Boundaries Stage

Toddlers are at a stage in life where they will test their boundaries – what they can and cannot do. If you see your toddler using hitting, biting, pushing or more to physically express him/herself, you need to deal with it now… not later! If you don’t deal with it right now, it’ll be harder for you to get the behavior under control. You might even wonder how to stop your toddler from hitting. Don’t worry – it can be done!   1 – Help Them To Learn Empathy The time to teach a child about empathy is when they are a toddler. Empathy is an extremely important skill that stays with them all through life. Empathy must be taught in the younger years, as trying to teach it when they’re older is extremely difficult. When a child is upset or happy, it’s best to point out the emotion to […]


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