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Getting rid of pacifier forever – My 3 tips for parents

Many parents see the pacifier as the answer to their prayers with a fussy child. After all, the pacifier can keep a child from becoming fussy. However, in time, parents find that this “answer to a prayer” has become a nightmare. Why? Their child has become hooked on the “binky” and is unable to do away with it. This now “babysitter” is a real problem.   Pacifiers are not good for two key reasons: A pacifier is loaded with germs (especially if used in public places or at daycare), which means your child is much more likely to get sick. A pacifier can cause the two front teeth to buck out. So, is a pacifier really worth it?   3 Ways in Getting Rid of the Pacifier Many parents, for one reason or another, postpone getting rid of the pacifier. However, if you plan on getting rid of it, you […]


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