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Potty Training Boys – 5 Tips Parents Can Use To Ensure The Process Is Successful

Potty training is no simple feat. And, when it comes to potty training boys, it usually takes more time than it does with girls. Want to know how to potty train a boy quicker?   1 – Use Incentives To Motivate Them A huge motivator for boys is to purchase big boy underwear, which can be found in a number of colors and styles. If your boy loves Disney movies, consider purchasing him Disney-related underwear. No doubt, he’ll want to use them instead of the diaper. Let your son know that if doesn’t feel like taking off his new underwear, he should go sit on the toilet when the need to go hits him. Place your son on the toilet every 30 minutes to set up a routine. Yes, it’ll be a little inconvenient. However, it allows him the experience to sit on the potty, wiping himself and flushing the […]


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