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8 All-Important Tips To Keep Your Toddler In Bed

Are you constantly trying to find ways to keep your toddler in bed? Do you go through the whole nighttime routine, only to sit down and find that your toddler is back in the same room as you, not even five minutes later?It can be difficult to be upset with your toddler if he/she comes crying to you and unable to stay in their bed. So, how can you make sure that your child’s bedtime is not constantly met with exasperated sighs, aggravation and crocodile tears?   1 – Be Sure The Child’s Room Is Inviting Have you ever stayed at a hotel and walked into a room you could not stand to be in, only to be asked to be moved to another room? Well, that’s similarly what your child is doing.  Of course, you can’t switch rooms but you can make it to where he/she wants to stay […]


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4 Personality Types That Can Affect Toddlers and Bedtime

When it comes to toddlers and bedtime, children can be either very sweet or a pain in the butt. Have you ever wondered why you have an easier time getting one child into bed while having a difficult time with the other child? It boils down to one thing: personality.  And, a bedtime routine needs to be made on an individualized basis. If you have more than one child, you know that both respond in a different manner…to many things. If you’re going to make your toddler’s bedtime easier on you and them, you have to know what kind of personality your child has. 4 Kinds Of Personality Toddlers Tend To Have 1 – Always Happy and Energetic Do you always have a child who’s on the go and happy? It generally means you’re trying to keep up with them at all times so that they don’t get into trouble […]


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Tantrums at Bedtime: 3 Ways To Turn Your Bedtime Beast Into A Sleepy Puppy!

It seems that when it comes to your toddler, throwing a fit about watching his favorite show, getting one more glass of water and hearing just one more story are the things that tantrums at bedtime are made of. While all of this may seem like new territory to first time moms, veteran parents know that this behavior isn’t just cliché . . . it’s downright normal. Children in the second year of life are just notoriously, well, sometimes a little bratty and unfortunately it’s just the nature of . . . nature. What it means to be a Toddler The first thing to realize before you try to tame the bedtime beast is that your son or daughter is hard wired to explore the world. When bedtime comes around it can be really hard for your little guy or girl to stop playing and that’s not just because it’s […]


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