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7 Helpful Tips To Prevent Toddler Bed Wetting

Some kids take no time at all to toilet train while others take more time to get trained. Are you a parent having a difficult time potty training your child? Are you looking to prevent toddler bed wetting? Here are three scenarios and how you can stop it from happening to you and your child.   1 – Moving To New Home One week ago, a family moved from their home into a new one. Their two-year-old daughter was believed to have been completely potty trained. However, she’s suddenly having bed wetting accidents. The reason for this is that she’s experienced a change in her environment. Stress can have a big role in a toddler’s sudden bed wetting. It may seem ironic that a toddler has stress but a significant change in his/her life can be a real factor and cause them to take a step back in the potty […]


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