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Bad Behaviors In Children – 5 Questions Parents Should Ask Themselves And Reflect

There are many responsibilities a parent has to a child. And, one such responsibility is teaching them the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong. Just think, if you will, if the world had no knowledge of the difference. Little scary, isn’t it? So, as a parent, you must teach and make your child understand this difference… for the future world’s sake.   What’s The Difference Between Guilt and Shame? Guilt is an emotion that is considered healthy because it indicates that you know and understand that what you did was wrong. Shame is not considered healthy and is often linked to bad behaviors in children.   The Real Problem Behind Time-Outs Many parents use time-outs as a form of punishment. But, the problem with timeouts is that they don’t really teach children the difference between right and wrong; only that what they did caused them to get into time-out in the […]


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