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Anger Management For Children Involves Turning Negative Attention Into Positive Attention

Is your child out of control? Does he/she scream, kick, hit and/or bite if they don’t get what they want or their way? If so, then you’ve got a brat you have to deal with. This temper tantrum usually happens when you’ve rarely told the child “NO” and they always gotten their way. Do you need some anger management for children to help you regain control over them?   Has Your Child’s Demeanor Suddenly Changed If your child is suddenly angry, moody or crabby, it could be something in the environment that changed. Do you and your spouse constantly argue? Even when you don’t fight in front of the children, they sense the tension. Kids can pick up on their parents’ vibes. Did something happen that caused the behavior? Did the child get any breakfast? Is the child having a difficult time in school? Are they being bullied? There are so many reasons why […]


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