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Getting Aggression In Children Under Control with Empathy and Communication

Shyness and aggression in children is often the result of no assertiveness. Children have three ways in which they communicate:   Assertive communication – This is the kind of communication that benefits everybody. Aggressive communication – Children who tend to bully other folks and uses physical touch to attain what they are looking for. The goal, in their eyes, is to win, regardless of who gets hurt in the process. Passive aggressive communication – These type of children look at themselves as losers and others as winners. How to keep aggression in children down? If you want to keep a child’s aggression down, they must learn to be empathic. What does this mean? It means they must have some capacity to show happiness or sadness for another person. Empathy is extremely important in society. Without empathy, the world would be both chaotic and cold.   How You Teach Children To […]


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