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4 Tell-Tale Signs Parents Can Watch Out For Toddlers With ADHD

Do you know what the symptoms are for toddlers with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)? Really, toddlers are too young to be tested because testing on them would yield inaccurate results. However, there are some characteristics and symptoms parents can look for that will tell them whether or not a child is possibly suffering with ADHD. Keep in mind that many of the traits will be difficult to differentiate as normal toddler behavior or ADHD behavior. It really starts with knowing your child, what is normal for them and the age group. For example: a three-year-old girl was neurotic in how messes were cleaned up. During cleanup time at the daycare, she would place the blocks back in a certain manner. If children randomly placed blocks on the shelf, she got upset. This kind of behavior isn’t typical for a three-year-old. When the girl turned five, she was tested for […]


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