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3 Year Old Tantrums – 3 Simple Tips to Prevent a Meltdown

When your child hits the age of three, they’re trying to assert more of their independence than when they were two-years-old.  As a parent, it can be extremely difficult and frustrating to want to help a child, only to be told, “No”. And, when a parent tries to help anyway, a meltdown can ensue. What can you do to keep 3 year old tantrums from taking place? Keep in mind that your child’s communication skills are much better at this age. They can verbalize more of what they want and need, which can lead to more arguments with their parents and causing a three-year-old tantrum. You already know that, at this age, children are exploring their independence. They are always looking to do things without their parents’ help, and when your busy schedule is unable to afford the additional 10 to 15 minutes, it can set off a three year […]


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Survived the Terrible Twos? Get Ready for Feisty 3 Year Old!

Parenting your three year old may not seem much different than parenting your two year old! There are still ups and downs, along with challenges and tough times. However, there are also new and wonderful things to be experience by the both of you! Knowing what to expect can help things go smoother and make the transition between two and three a bit less stressful. Here you will find out more about this transition and what you can expect to see from your three year old child. Most parents will agree that raising children is not an easy job. When our children are born we do not get a manual with them and many of us worry sometimes that our parenting skills are up to par. This is a normal feeling; especially when our little ones turn three! The good news is that these worries can be eased a bit […]


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