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Disciplining 2 Year Olds Boils Down To Understanding and Options

Has your toddler hit the “terrible twos” stage? This stage in life can be both fun and exasperating for parents.  Now, there is a major difference between a one and two-year-old. When a child is just a year old, they are exploring the things around them – learning how to walk, talk, etc. One year olds are regarded as cute and easy to pacify and entertain. Toddlers at age 2, on the other hand, are an entirely different matter. And, disciplining 2 year olds can be a real challenge. Your two year old toddler is a great big ball of energy and emotions. One such issue parents deal with at this time is the temper tantrums they throw. Many parents wonder what the best way is to handle their toddlers.   Understand Your Toddler When it comes to your two-year-old, you must first understand them. Remember, they do not have […]


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