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Terrible Twos Help: 2 Simple Reasons Why They Do Silly Things!

Needing a little terrible twos help? You’re not alone. It can be very disheartening when your loving little infant son who used to delight in nothing more than snuggling in your arms and sucking on his pacifier becomes a mean, demanding, tornado-making, bite provoking, Blue’s Clue’s watching tyrant. From pouring all the macaroni down the living room vent to sticking your older kids Legos up his nose, once your toddler hits two it seems like it becomes one difficult task to tackle after the other. Chances are if you have a child that has just entered his twos then you have already had to call your husband at work in a frantic tizzy saying “Where are the pliers? There’s a pea stuck in Luke’s nose!” or had to call up your mother instead to plead “Please, pretty, pretty please come and get this kid!” Anyone who has ever gone through […]


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