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3 Tips Parents Can Use To Survive Their Child’s 18 Month Old Tantrums

Everybody knows of the “terrible twos”, and every parent has survived it. It can be pretty frustrating to get through dinner with a monster 18-month-old tantrum taking place. What can you do about this to make things more pleasant for you, your child and everybody around you?   1 – Have Distractions Parents know that sitting down for more than several minutes at a time is difficult for a child, especially if they are toddlers. So, if you must take your child out on errands, you might be wondering what you can do to stop the monster tantrums before they ensue. Here’s one big answer for you: have a bag full of different things to make sure your child is occupied (remember, children at 18 months can be easily distracted). What are some of things you can put into the bag or have on your person? – Distracting key chains […]


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