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My 4 Helpful Tips Parents Can Use To Stop 1 Year Old Tantrums

The most precious years of a child’s life are their toddler years. After all, they learn to walk and talk and learn all they can about the world around them. As a parent, you are amazed by all the things your child can do or try to do at this point. Of course, with all the cute things a toddler does, there are some not so cute things. One such thing is the 1 year old tantrums they can throw with no notice.  Here are some instances in which a one-year-old will start throwing a temper tantrum: 1 – Your child is cranky and doesn’t want to take a nap or is unable to take a nap. 2 – Your toddler is pitching a fit because you are dropping them off at daycare when they’d rather be with you. 3 – Your toddler is having a grand old time outside and doesn’t want to […]


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