Create Your Own Potty Training Chart!

Using fun & engaging activities are a great way to get children excited to learn new things. About potty training, this is another new experience for growing toddlers & as parents, we should guide them along especially when they’re entering the terrible twos stage.

potty training chart

Here’s one potty training chart that I’ve made for my 2 year old daughter. Yes, she loves pirates themes! aarrrgg. She had lots of fun pasting the stickers. It’s a fun activity to bond with your child, so I thought I could share it. There’re quite a number of potty charts out there but nothing beats getting your child create his/her own. Here it is!


This is the blank treasure map. Download

and a sheet of pirate theme items. Download

It fits perfectly on A4 or letter sizes. Should be fine for larger sizes too. So now you can create your own pirate treasure map! Just print both sheets, draw out your path to the treasure & cut/paste the items.

Share with your friends if you find them useful. Have fun!  8-)