The Democratic Parenting (formerly Happy Child Guide) Review Provides Parents With Tips and Tricks To Raise A Happy Child

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democratic parentingIf you want to reduce or eliminate the bad behavior your child is displaying – bad behavior such as fits, tantrums and other out-of-control behavior – then you should pick up the Democratic Parenting Guide, a book created by both Dr. Blaise Ryan and Ashley Ryan. With this review, you will understand why you cannot be without it any longer.

Many products on the market claim they can help you deal with your child’s problem. However, the majority of them barely scratch the surface, fixing the issue for the short-term and not getting to the heart of the problem. However, with the guide, you can deal with the underlying problem causing your child to behave and react in such a negative manner.

What you learn will surprise you! Read my review to learn if this book will be effective for you in teaching your emotional child how to listen to you.


Positive Aspects

The guide gives you some interesting insight on why your child behaves the way he/she does. You learn about the C-Factor, which boosts the amount of Cortisol in the brain. Yes, it’s all about brain chemistry. Makes a little sense, doesn’t it? The cortisol levels rise when they’re triggered, which is why your child acts out. The guide doesn’t just get to the root of the child’s misbehaving but it gives you insight in how to reduce their cortisol levels.


Negative Aspects

Alright, you may feel a bit apprehensive with the whole brain chemistry and how it’s not your fault that your child is acting out. That’s understandable! According to The Happy Child Guide, parents were using a variety of techniques to reduce their child’s stress and only creating more problems, which exacerbated the behavior. Parents are responsible should the child’s cortisol levels increase. There’s just no other way around that!

How you decide to respond to the demands and needs of your child will affect his/her behavior. The way your child is acting is partly your responsibility. Parents should realize that the parenting techniques they are using are not working and need to look for other solutions that will ensure things are better.

If you picked up this guide, then you’re probably tired of your child’s behavior. Bear in mind that this isn’t going to be an instant fix to their behavioral issues. There will be lots of practice and implementation before you see changes – positive ones – in your child along with yourself.


What Do You Get?

You get a chance to review it before you purchase it with its free 21 day trial. You will be given the “20 Days to A Happier Child Guide”, which shows you the following information:


– Increase The Confidence In Your Child

– Stop Bad Behaviors By Solving The Underlying Problem

– Actual Reasons Siblings Fight and How To Stop Them

– Eliminate “No” From The Child’s Vocabulary

– Stop Bedwetting

– Teach Children How To Be Respectful

– Common Parental Mistakes With An Out Of Control Child

– Why Timeouts and Rewards Never Work

– How You Can Reduce Your Child’s Stress

– Foods That Affect A Child’s Moods


These are just some of the things you will learn and you’ll also be given an array of bonus information like:

Bonus Information

– Dr. Blaise Ryan interview

– 7 Effective Alternatives to Punishment – This will teach you seven effective ways you can discipline your child.

– Interview with Naomi Aldort, a parenting expert

– Unlimited access to the website Parenting Resource

Dr. AlethaSolter will answer your questions as to Why Children Misbehave

– Unlimited access to Parent Learning Club, which will help the relationship between you and your child


Is It Worth Purchasing?

The Democratic Parenting Guide was created to help parents understand the underlying issue plaguing their child, not just their behavior. It can be hard to read a child who is in the inconsolable stage; but, with this guide, things will come into perspective.

Parents just want their children to be happy; but, it can be extremely hard to communicate with them. And, any communication breakdown between parent and child can lead to a stressful situation. This Democratic Parenting book is here to teach parents how to avoid all this by doing this instead of that and so on.


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Democratic Parenting

stars –
A good read.

Democratic Parenting is a practical fun book. It’s a good book to read for parents.