Parenting Toddlers Discipline: 3 Tips To Tame Them!

Parenting toddlers discipline and more . . . when it comes to taming your toddler it seems like there is just so much to consider. With all the methods, books and tips on the market there just isn’t any one sure fire way to tame the little monster in your two year old.

Whether your toddler’s issue is his temper or the simple fact that he wants to wear his Halloween costume to the supermarket . . . when it comes to the issues of tiny tots parents know that raising two year olds isn’t always an easy task.

Wired for Wonder

While it seems like a lot to take in at once especially if you are a first time parent, toddlers really aren’t out to drive you crazy or send you to the therapist for Tuesday and Thursday visits. Your toddler is simply wired to be, well, wired. The need to go, go, go and explore every inch of everything is totally natural and perfectly healthy. If it seems like you can clean your house spotless and it takes a week to do so . . . only to find that your toddler can single handedly destroy it in five minutes then you know exactly how frustrating this can be. No amount of discipline will keep your child from exploring.

This simple fact can make positive parenting difficult. When you are overly tired and want to have a few temper tantrums of your own sometimes . . . it can make patience not an easy task. No amount of parenting advice we can give you will stop exploring and messes. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be proactive and help your toddlers exploring not always work against you.

Discipline by Decision

Sometimes the only parenting toddlers discipline needed is a simple decision. Because hearing “NO” isn’t always easy for little explorers you would be amazed at what a simple “yes” can do – even if it’s not for their original desire. “No you can’t have a cookie before dinner but you can have a cracker.” Or “No you cannot put Mommy’s mobile phone in the bathtub but you can put your truck/car/duck in. Let’s see which floats!” This method not only incorporates fun but it also shows your toddler that you do indeed care what he wants and while you can’t always give him exactly what that is you can try to meet his needs if he will meet you halfway. Using language techniques like reframing or double bind  are better than constant NOs.

Be Positive

Toddler discipline in parenting books often sounds far too tricky and the parenting advices given are often so complex. For generations parents relied on good old positivity to get their point across and it worked wonders . . . and without breaking the piggy bank trying to buy every book on the planet. While some people might call it bribery, it’s really only a real world taste of how life really works. Do something good and you will be rewarded. There’s nothing bad about that.

When your toddler exhibits a good habit get creative, get positive and stick with it. A reward jar works great for all ages and you can even get the older kids in the household involved. Fill the jar with small prizes like stickers, small snack size candies, small toys (of course those that aren’t choking hazards). You can also get a treasure chest at local party stores and fill it with treasures. Whatever it is that works better for you . . . go for it.

Reward charts are also helpful. When your toddler brushes his teeth put a sticker on. Make a big deal out of all the little good things he does. While it seems super simple – toddlers thrive on positivity. When you incorporate it on a daily basis you will eventually see results.

Patience and Understanding

One of the most important parts of parenting toddlers discipline . . . and just simply surviving the toddler years – is patience and understanding. Understanding how your toddler works will help you to be more patient. A toddler needs to explore and he needs to feel in control of himself. Temper tantrums are often just results of feeling out of control and scared. These feelings after all are scary for kids who thrive on familiarity and security. When they can’t control their feelings or feel overwhelmed those feelings are very scary.

When your child has a tantrum – be patient. Don’t walk away from him. Stick close by. This assures him you are there and close by. It can help tantrums last for less time and actually help them occur less often. If your child likes to be held you might try this as well as this can help kids calm down faster – on the other hand some kids would rather you not touch them.

Parenting toddler discipline that is truly successful will be different for every parent and child. This is because no two kids are alike – and that’s ok. As long as the method works for you and your child then you’re on the fast track to success.