How to Handle the Terrible Twos? 3 Ways To Turn Terrible Into Terrific!

When it comes to how to handle the terrible twos, the books that we trust have great theories on rearing children but the terrible twos are far too diverse to be shoe horned into one successful method. In fact, sometimes it is the simplest tips that are shared parent to parent that can have the most impact and show the most results.


Emotions Run High

While they only last a while – the terrible twos are, well, terrible. But that terror for parents is always riddled with little victories that make the hard times easier to handle. Emotions can run high for your baby once he reaches his twos. He may develop a temper and react to stress in ways you wish he didn’t . . . but this is just all part of growing up and your little guy still has a very long way to go.

When children have temper tantrums and your little guy becomes a little monster sit back and take a deep breath. Remember that your toddler temper tantrums are only a stage and sometimes they have nothing to do with what he wants. When you know what causes tantrums it can help knowing how to handle the terrible twos much easier.

A tantrum is often misread and it’s because they have become such a cliché over the years. Your child may have a tantrum after you don’t let him do something he wants but this doesn’t mean that is the reason for his tantrum. The tantrum is just a direct effect of his feelings. Remember that your two or three year old can yet to control his emotions and feeling out of control is very scary for him. So a tantrum at this age is very unlikely to be used as a “get my way tool”. Instead it is simply your toddler in an uncontrolled state. Using logic with children at this age group does not work; logic don’t make any sense to them! As Chris points out in his Talking to Toddlers audio program, toddlers are emotional, not logical. Luckily, there’s a set of proven language tools to talk to them at the emotional level.

It’s best to sit with your child when he has a tantrum. This seems kind of foreign when usually we are told to walk away. However, staying close by can help your child feel secure and help him gain control of himself again more easily.


Finding Time Alone

Sometimes the best thing to do when trying to determine how to handle the terrible twos is to gain some clarity. It is a good idea for over tired and over stressed moms to get a break from their two year old. Get mobile and get out or invite a sitter over to watch after him while you nap. Sometimes the simple lack of sleep can make dealing with the terrible twos so much harder than it really is. Remember a stressed out parent will always make for a stressed out toddler. Your child can pick up on your cues so be careful to take excellent care of yourself.


Keeping Your Toddler Busy

If your toddler is stuck inside too much it can be hard for him to run off all that pint up energy he has . . . and this can make bedtime a real chore. Toddlers have a need to get out all that energy and it’s your job to make sure he gets plenty of play time. Whether you take him outside or just play an active game with him indoors, it can be very beneficial to both of you if you make time to keep your toddler busy.

Of course, you cannot always keep him occupied nor should you teach him that you are his only way to find things to entertain himself. Try making a treasure box in his room and change out the toys every few days. This can help keep him busy without driving you bonkers all day.

Remember that if you are doing something that your toddler will likely want to mimic you. He doesn’t get in your sewing bag or try to use your computer to annoy you . . . he simply has a need to copy you because it helps him learn. When you are doing something that you don’t want to share try to create something for him to do as well that makes him feel as though he is helping.

When it comes to how to handle the terrible twos all the parenting tips on the planet won’t help if they aren’t right for you and your family. The key to really figuring out how to raise your child right – without going bananas in the process is trying a bevy of things and then sticking to what works best for you. When you do you’ll be a step ahead of all the parenting books on the planet and well on your way to a truly happy wee one and a little more relaxing time for yourself.