What Makes the Terrible Twos So Terrible and Not so Terrible!

When your little bundle of joy comes home from the hospital, everyone is falling over themselves to get to them. They coo how beautiful they are and how precious they are. They tell you how blessed you are to have had such a beautiful baby. However, that is always that one person who makes the annoying remark about the terrible twos.

“Enjoy it now because the terrible twos will be here before you know it!”

First of all, this kind of talk puts a damper on your happy moment. Second of all, the terrible twos may seem terrible, but if you understand them and them in perspective, they may not be so bad after all.

The question on the minds of many parents is “Is the terrible twos cliché fact or fiction?” The answer is yes and yes. Can your child become a little temper tantrum throwing monster when they are two years old? Certainly! However, they can also do this same thing at three years old, 4 years old and so on.

The plain and simple fact is that two year olds are a handful. The main reason that people think the age of two is simply the worst is because it is the first age that your toddler actually begins to push the boundaries. This type of behavior is not an option before this age so it normally occurs at two. So, if you are terrified of the terrible twos, keep reading to find out some generalizations and why the terrible twos may not be so terrible after all.

Why the Terrible Twos is so Terrible

The main thing to remember is that two year olds have extremely flawed reasoning abilities. While they can talk (somewhat), sometimes it seems like they are speaking another language. You can try to argue with a toddler who is expressing something coherently, but one that is crying or having a temper tantrum is a bit harder to understand. Parenting is hard enough in general, but when you are dealing with a two year old and you  have no clear idea of why they are really upset, things become even more challenging. This goes right back to them just getting to a point where they can express anything other than outright crying. This is new territory for the both of you.

Why it is Not as Bad as You Think

Two year olds can be aggravating to deal with, but let’s face it; anyone who has been a parent for two whole years can outwit them. Even without a clear picture of what the problem is, chances are you can distract them pretty easily. If distraction or double bind is not working, you do win when it comes to the size factor. Pick them up and remove them from whatever the troubling situation is.

Why the Terrible Twos is So Terrible

Your two year old has just learned that he can have an opinion. Once this happens there will be rare instances when he does not give you that opinion. But look at it like this; 10 year olds are also opinionated. So are 13 year olds and 16 year olds. The age of 2 years gets a bad rap because it is the first as that the opinions begin. The difference between an opinionated 2 year old and an opinionated 16 year old is that the 2 year old has no qualms about screaming their opinion at the top of their lungs while you are grocery shopping on the busiest day of the week. Seems pretty terrible right?

Why is it Not as Bad as You Think

Though it may provide little comfort as you try to hide your reddened cheeks at the Shop N Go, think of it like this; you always know where you stand with your two year old and they don’t mind sharing with you. Just wait until they hit their teenage years. You will be begging them to tell you what is going on in their lives and what they are thinking about. By then they will be clammed up and you will be lucky to get a  yes or no answer out of them, so even if two can be embarrassing, enjoy it while you can.

Why the terrible twos is So Terrible

Your two year old can throw a temper tantrum that upsets the entire morning of everyone in the house. You are late for work, your spouse is late for work and the other kids are late for school. The whole day is thrown off now. Does your two year old care? Nope. They didn’t have anything planned for the day anyway!

Why it is Not as Bad as You Think

If you tell your boss you were late because you overslept you may get in trouble. However, if you tell them that your two year old had a meltdown you will likely be met with a knowing nod of sympathy. Everyone with kids has been there and you can get away with a lot more with the terrible twos excuse!

If you can just keep everything in perspective, the terrible twos will be like any other year. New developments and challenges will arise and you will deal with them  and learn from them. And remember, nothing is set in stone. The terrible twos may hit during the second year, the 3rd year or the 5th year!

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