Bad Behaviors In Children – 5 Questions Parents Should Ask Themselves And Reflect

There are many responsibilities a parent has to a child. And, one such responsibility is teaching them the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong. Just think, if you will, if the world had no knowledge of the difference. Little scary, isn’t it? So, as a parent, you must teach and make your child understand this difference… for the future world’s sake.


What’s The Difference Between Guilt and Shame?

Guilt is an emotion that is considered healthy because it indicates that you know and understand that what you did was wrong. Shame is not considered healthy and is often linked to bad behaviors in children.


The Real Problem Behind Time-Outs

Many parents use time-outs as a form of punishment. But, the problem with timeouts is that they don’t really teach children the difference between right and wrong; only that what they did caused them to get into time-out in the first place.

Children need to be taught to take responsibility for all their actions. So, if your child accidentally (or on purpose) hurts somebody, makes a mess or breaks something, be sure you help them find a resolution to the issue.  If they hurt someone, have them get ice for that person. If they made a mess, have them clean it up.

By them implementing solutions, they can overcome the guilt rather than feel embarrassed or ashamed for what they did.


The Role Media Plays In Childhood Aggression

If your child is aggressive, the best thing you can do for them – and yourself – is limit the amount of TV, music, movies and video games they watch, play and listen to. This can significantly lessen the amount of aggression they have. Research has proven that media has a negative impact on children and can cause them to act out.


Are Parents To Blame For Bad Behaviors In Children?

Parents, have you ever stopped to consider that the parenting methods you are using are having a negative influence on your child? Here are five questions you should ask yourself:


1 – Do You Provide Them Enough Supervision?

Yes, life is busy and it can get in the way of many things. However, supervision of your children should not be one of them. Are you giving them enough attention? Would you believe that not enough supervision is a leading cause for children’s bad behaviors? Think about what it would be like at school if there were no teachers there to supervise the children. Complete and utter chaos!


2 – Are Your Children Being Fairly Punished?

Are you the type of parent who is too strict or too lenient on your children when it comes to punishment? If you discipline your child in an unfair manner, it can cause them to be more aggressive and act up.


3 – Are You Constantly Fighting With Your Significant Other?

If you are constantly fighting with your significant other, it can cause the child to react in a negative manner. Households that are constantly tense will cause children to behave poorly.


4 – Do You Spend Enough Time With The Children?

It’s important you spend quality time with your children? If you live a busy, stressful life, it’s important you make time for your children. Are you there for them at their games? Do you do any kind of activity with them on a regular basis? If you’re not involved in their life, they could be behaving badly to get your attention. Remember, all kids see any type of attention as being something.


5 –Have You Reinforced The Bad Behavior?

Oddly enough, parents often reinforce their children’s bad behavior without realizing it. Does your child throw a temper tantrum and get what he/she wants fairly quickly?  If you constantly give into your child for what he/she wants, you’re only creating future problems.  Do you really want to raise a child who is spoiled?

Be sure you give your child plenty of praises and be encouraging. This creates a sense of accomplishment for them and keeps them from reacting in a negative way.