4 Tell-Tale Signs Parents Can Watch Out For Toddlers With ADHD

Do you know what the symptoms are for toddlers with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)? Really, toddlers are too young to be tested because testing on them would yield inaccurate results. However, there are some characteristics and symptoms parents can look for that will tell them whether or not a child is possibly suffering with ADHD.

Keep in mind that many of the traits will be difficult to differentiate as normal toddler behavior or ADHD behavior. It really starts with knowing your child, what is normal for them and the age group.

For example: a three-year-old girl was neurotic in how messes were cleaned up. During cleanup time at the daycare, she would place the blocks back in a certain manner. If children randomly placed blocks on the shelf, she got upset. This kind of behavior isn’t typical for a three-year-old. When the girl turned five, she was tested for ADHD and was found to be positive for it.

Do you want to know if your child has ADHD? If so, then you need to watch your child closely and intently.

1 – Extra Attention

Does it seem like your child has an extraordinary amount of energy? The majority of toddlers are energetic; toddlers with ADHD have an extreme amount of energy and a short attention span. Many toddlers go from one activity to another quickly without a break. If something catches your toddler’s attention, curiosity will get the best of them. These toddlers are unable to sit still for long periods of time – mealtimes, story times, etc.


2 – Can’t Filter Their Minds

If you notice your child sitting for long periods of time watching television, it may be a clue that they are ADHD. Television and video games can keep their attention for long periods of time.

ADHD toddlers have a hard time trying to filter their minds. They know everything going on around them, regardless of what that sound is. ADHD toddlers have so many things going on in their hands. They want to give attention to all of it.


3 – Lack Of Impulse Control

ADHD toddlers lack impulse control. Thus, they act before they think, reacting to what they are feeling. For example, a child may appear to be bullying another child when they pull on their arms or hair. However, these kids are often trying to play with the other kids. However, their brain has a hard time getting them to understand that what they’re doing is not right.


4 – Extremely Hyperactive

Many kids are hyperactive especially when given sweets. Toddlers are hyper all the time. The best way to get their hyperactivity under control is to reduce the stimulants – sugar, processed foods, etc.

It’s also best to allow them outdoor time to decrease their hyperactivity levels. Allow them to burn the energy off as much as possible.

Even though toddlers are too young to get diagnosed with ADHD, watching them closely can give you some clues as to whether or not your child may have the condition.


Visit American Psychological Association website for more information on ADHD.