8 All-Important Tips To Keep Your Toddler In Bed

Are you constantly trying to find ways to keep your toddler in bed? Do you go through the whole nighttime routine, only to sit down and find that your toddler is back in the same room as you, not even five minutes later?It can be difficult to be upset with your toddler if he/she comes crying to you and unable to stay in their bed.

So, how can you make sure that your child’s bedtime is not constantly met with exasperated sighs, aggravation and crocodile tears?


1 – Be Sure The Child’s Room Is Inviting

Have you ever stayed at a hotel and walked into a room you could not stand to be in, only to be asked to be moved to another room? Well, that’s similarly what your child is doing.  Of course, you can’t switch rooms but you can make it to where he/she wants to stay in their room. How so?

Make it inviting. Let your child pick the colors and/or designs of his bedding. If your child is terrified of clowns, don’t have clowns in the room. Allow your child to tell you where to put their bed and dresser. You can also use aroma therapy to help the child stay calm while they’re trying to go to bed. One very relaxing scent is lavender. Equip the room with a night light if your child is anxious about the dark.


2 – Create A Routine For Bed and Use It Every Night

If you have a finicky sleeper, this is a very important tip. Be sure you have a routine and utilize it every single night. Believe it or not, children will easily follow it. However, throw off the routine and your child will also be thrown off.


3 – Bed Size

Have you moved your child from a toddler bed to a bigger bed? Believe it or not, a bigger bed could have a big effect on your child’s inability to sleep. They may feel intimidated by it. If your child’s crib turns into a bed, use it. You also have the option of buying a princess or race car bed for your little one.


4 – Make No Exceptions

Whatever you do, make no exceptions about them sleeping in their room. Be sure they sleep in their own room or else they’ll expect they can sleep with you all the time. Kids will also look for reasons to get out of the bed. However, if you send them right back to bed, any attempt they make will be futile and they will realize it.


5 – Don’t set expectations

If you choose to lay down with them, no more than a few minutes at a time. Never let them fall asleep while you are in there because they’ll expect it all the time.


6 – Keep firm with the routine

If your child is constantly begging for a hug, kiss or anything else, do not give in. Children will do whatever they can to stay out of bed. You may not like seeing your child crying but you need to lead them back to their room. If you have to, install a gate so they cannot leave the room.


7 – No special attention with company

If there is company over, do not give your child additional attention. Just take your child back to the room and leave them there. Be prepared that you’ll be doing this many times during the evening.


8 – Provide cup of water

Provide them with a sippy cup of water, placed next to the bed. If they are thirsty, they have no excuse of why they are getting out of bed.


The above tips can also be applied to children who sleep in their parents’ bed. It’s important to stay consistent and be firm if you want to keep your toddler in bed. You cannot waiver at any point during this time. One sign of weakness and your child will use it to their advantage.