Getting rid of pacifier forever – My 3 tips for parents

Many parents see the pacifier as the answer to their prayers with a fussy child. After all, the pacifier can keep a child from becoming fussy. However, in time, parents find that this “answer to a prayer” has become a nightmare. Why? Their child has become hooked on the “binky” and is unable to do away with it. This now “babysitter” is a real problem.


Pacifiers are not good for two key reasons:

  1. A pacifier is loaded with germs (especially if used in public places or at daycare), which means your child is much more likely to get sick.
  2. A pacifier can cause the two front teeth to buck out.

So, is a pacifier really worth it?


3 Ways in Getting Rid of the Pacifier

Many parents, for one reason or another, postpone getting rid of the pacifier. However, if you plan on getting rid of it, you need to prepare yourself for those restless nights. How can you break the pacifier habit without causing a big confrontation with your child?


1 –Decrease The Pacifier Use

Using a pacifier can be addictive so it may be best not to go cold turkey. Remember this phrase: slow and steady wins the race. If you want to win against the binky, you need to slowly transition your child away from it. Allow them to use the pacifier at naptime or bedtime. It’ll be difficult in the beginning; but, soon your child will understand that the binky can only be used for when it’s time to sleep.


2 – Stay Consistent, Don’t Give In

Be sure you are consistent with its use. If your child is using it at daycare, speak with the staff about what you are doing. You and the teacher should be on the same page when it comes to the times your child gets the pacifier.

The same is true with parents and grandparents. If a child thinks he/she can charm their way to using it with one parent/grandparent, then it’ll take longer to get rid of the binky. Everyone needs to be on the same level when eliminating the pacifier.


3 – Introduce Another Security Measure To The Child

A child uses a binky to give themselves some security. Introduce another security measure to them rather than the pacifier – perhaps a blanket or teddy bear. It may seem silly to replace one security item with another, just remember this: a pacifier has more negative effects than a blanket or toy.

It’s true that eliminating the pacifier is hard to do. It will take some time so you will need to be patient and, above all else, be consistent. In time, your child won’t want his/her pacifier. Plus, getting them to throw the binky away shows them self-control.