Anger Management For Children Involves Turning Negative Attention Into Positive Attention

Is your child out of control? Does he/she scream, kick, hit and/or bite if they don’t get what they want or their way? If so, then you’ve got a brat you have to deal with. This temper tantrum usually happens when you’ve rarely told the child “NO” and they always gotten their way. Do you need some anger management for children to help you regain control over them?


Has Your Child’s Demeanor Suddenly Changed

If your child is suddenly angry, moody or crabby, it could be something in the environment that changed. Do you and your spouse constantly argue? Even when you don’t fight in front of the children, they sense the tension. Kids can pick up on their parents’ vibes.

Did something happen that caused the behavior? Did the child get any breakfast? Is the child having a difficult time in school? Are they being bullied? There are so many reasons why a child behaves the way he/she does.


Deal With The Issue

Be sure that you address the issue – don’t ignore it and certainly do not tolerate it. If you ignore it, it won’t get better. And, never say, “He’s just going through some type of phase.” Yes, kids go through phases but it’s how people react to them and help them to know what is and is not acceptable. You want to hold them accountable for how they act. They must learn that every action has a reaction. Your child’s every experience should be considered a learning experience.

When your child is throwing a temper tantrum because of the discipline you are giving because of a bad act, that’s good! You are not a bad parent because of it. What you are doing is teaching them right from wrong.

What your child learns is that certain behaviors will have consequences. If you ignore the bad behavior, they’ll continue to act this way. If you were five or six and got your way from the acting out, would you quit acting like a brat? Keep in mind that one of the reasons why your child is acting out is that he/she is looking for attention from you.


Positive vs. Negative Attention

Many kids feel that any kind of attention is better than no attention at all. Do you notice your child getting a lot of negative attention? The troublemaker kids are often the ones seeking some type of attention – good or bad.

How can you turn negative attention into positive attention? The best thing you can do is give them attention when they are doing something good. If you notice your child is putting toys away, let them know how proud of them you are. If the child is in school and is doing something nice, give them praise. If you notice he/she is playing well with other children, tell them that they’re being a good friend.

You want to point out the positive things they are doing so that they don’t have to act so negatively.


What Are The Negative Points Of Bad Behavior

How many times have you heard this:

– No!

– Quit doing that!

– Stop picking on your sister!


If you are constantly doing this, it sure would be nice to hear that the child is getting more positive attention than negative.  If you do not agree, for one week do an experiment and watch what happens. You may be surprised by the improvement you see in your child.

You can certainly get a handle on your child’s anger before it gets any worse.  Just remember NOT to ignore the behavior.  Find another positive outlet for their anger and do more with your child.  With redirection and lots of positive attention, your child’s behavior can get under control. If you have an older child, it’ll take some time to change their way of thinking and acting but it can be done!