My 4 Helpful Tips Parents Can Use To Stop 1 Year Old Tantrums

The most precious years of a child’s life are their toddler years. After all, they learn to walk and talk and learn all they can about the world around them. As a parent, you are amazed by all the things your child can do or try to do at this point.

Of course, with all the cute things a toddler does, there are some not so cute things. One such thing is the 1 year old tantrums they can throw with no notice.  Here are some instances in which a one-year-old will start throwing a temper tantrum:

1 – Your child is cranky and doesn’t want to take a nap or is unable to take a nap.

2 – Your toddler is pitching a fit because you are dropping them off at daycare when they’d rather be with you.

3 – Your toddler is having a grand old time outside and doesn’t want to come inside, for whatever reason.

It’s true that these tantrums are not any fun. Here are some possible scenarios you could relate to and use for your own son or daughter.


How To Handle A Fussy Napper

They always hated taking a nap. Without it though, they’ll be a monster in the evenings. Parents can take the battle out of nap time by creating a routine before it. A routine ensures the child can transition easier into nap time.

If a child knows that story time will come after, it’ll make them want to take a nap. Before nap time  do not engage in any high-energy activities because it could keep your child from being able to sleep. Rather, enjoy a quiet activity such as listening to soft music or looking at books.


How To Handle Public Outbursts

You’re at the grocery store and your son is pitching a tantrum before he does not want to be in the cart. However, you are not able to get your shopping done with his walking around the store. How can you keep a tantrum from ensuing? Place your child in the cart with something that keeps him/her occupied. A distracting toy or snacks often does the trick.


4 Tips To Pacify Your One-Year-Old Toddler

1 – Be aware of what your tone of voice is. Children can feel the negative vibes that emanate from it and this will worsen their temper tantrum. Use only a soft, calm voice when you’re trying to keep them happy.

2 – Dance and sing with your toddler. After all, they won’t be able to help themselves but stop what they’re doing to watch you and participate in what you are doing.

3 – Toddlers love bubbles. Invest in them.

4 – Redirect your child’s focus. Remember, children don’t have a long attention span, and the only time they can focus on anything for long periods of time is when they’re in pain. A child’s bad behavior is often due to how they feel.


These are the various ways you can use to pacify them. When it comes to dealing with a temper tantrum, you really need patience.