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3 Principles That Are Needed When Teaching Your Children Phonics

If you are teaching your children how to read, then teaching phonics and phonemic awareness are a necessity. Both are the keys to a successful reading program.  The phonemic awareness teaches the single sounds of letters while the phonics focuses on higher level blending and segmenting skills. A child who can master reading does so with knowledge of letter and their sounds and their connections to words. Once mastered your children will be fluent readers and spellers. It also increases their self-confidence and self-image.   There are three principles that are needed to teach reading to your children: 1) Read high interest words, sentences and stories. 2) You want reading to fun, rewarding and enjoyable. Making reading a chore sets the child up for failure, as reading will have a negative connotation for them. This does require some patience and creativity on the parents end. 3) Reading can only truly […]


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Posted by Mark Lewis - January 22, 2013 at 2:25 pm

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How to Introduce Phonemic Awareness When Reading Bedtime Stories To Your Toddler

It is a known and researched fact that one of the best predictors of reading fluency in school is with development of phonemic awareness of young children. So how do you as the parent develop these skills in your child to help them get a head start on reading? You could wait till they get to school and hope that the teacher they have is very good at teaching reading or you could do something at home to develop these phonemic awareness skills and know that your child will perform well in school. You really can’t indict the teacher if your child falls behind. The overcrowding of classrooms and the number of children coming to school without the basic phonemic skill set to start the reading process is close to 1/3 and depending on the school may even be higher than 50%! Let’s start off by defining phonemic awareness. Phonics […]


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Posted by Mark Lewis - January 16, 2013 at 4:26 pm

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How I Teach Phonological and Phonemic Awareness To My 2 Year Old Toddler

The ability to hear, identify and use the smallest units of sound or phonemes is the basic definition of phonemic awareness. Some mistake phonological awareness as the general category that phonemic awareness falls under. Having phonological awareness means that you are already proficient at phonemic or individual sounds and now can understand sounds at which onsets and rimes or bigger segments of a word. A great thing about phonemic awareness is that it is a skill that can be learned early on in child’s life and if developed appropriately will ensure that your child will be reading and spelling at or above grade level. A good sign of when your child is ready to begin the phonemic awareness development is right about the time they start to talk. This is an indication from their brain development that they are ready to learn. Children as young two years have been able […]

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Posted by Mark Lewis - December 20, 2012 at 4:32 am

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Children Learning Reading Review: My Toddler Can Read! And He’s Only 2 Year Old!

We know how important it is for your children to develop reading skills. You want to do what is best for your child by finding a reading program that will help them become fluent readers. Some programs are unproven and cost hundreds of dollars upfront or they want you to subscribe and pay a monthly fee. If these programs all did what they say they were going to do, then it wouldn’t be so bad. However, there is no guarantee that these programs will give your child the ability to read. An innovative program came up on a web search called Children Learning Reading that shows a step-by-step process where children really learn how to read. A great aspect of the program is that is does work and you can start your child with it as soon as they are able to speak. No matter who you are, you will and should […]


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Posted by Mark Lewis - December 12, 2012 at 4:42 pm

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