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The Democratic Parenting (formerly Happy Child Guide) Review Provides Parents With Tips and Tricks To Raise A Happy Child

If you want to reduce or eliminate the bad behavior your child is displaying – bad behavior such as fits, tantrums and other out-of-control behavior – then you should pick up the Democratic Parenting Guide, a book created by both Dr. Blaise Ryan and Ashley Ryan. With this review, you will understand why you cannot be without it any longer. Many products on the market claim they can help you deal with your child’s problem. However, the majority of them barely scratch the surface, fixing the issue for the short-term and not getting to the heart of the problem. However, with the guide, you can deal with the underlying problem causing your child to behave and react in such a negative manner. What you learn will surprise you! Read my review to learn if this book will be effective for you in teaching your emotional child how to listen to […]


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Posted by Mark Lewis - February 20, 2013 at 6:25 am

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8 All-Important Tips To Keep Your Toddler In Bed

Are you constantly trying to find ways to keep your toddler in bed? Do you go through the whole nighttime routine, only to sit down and find that your toddler is back in the same room as you, not even five minutes later?It can be difficult to be upset with your toddler if he/she comes crying to you and unable to stay in their bed. So, how can you make sure that your child’s bedtime is not constantly met with exasperated sighs, aggravation and crocodile tears?   1 – Be Sure The Child’s Room Is Inviting Have you ever stayed at a hotel and walked into a room you could not stand to be in, only to be asked to be moved to another room? Well, that’s similarly what your child is doing.  Of course, you can’t switch rooms but you can make it to where he/she wants to stay […]


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Posted by Mark Lewis - February 3, 2013 at 3:15 pm

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3 Year Old Tantrums – 3 Simple Tips to Prevent a Meltdown

When your child hits the age of three, they’re trying to assert more of their independence than when they were two-years-old.  As a parent, it can be extremely difficult and frustrating to want to help a child, only to be told, “No”. And, when a parent tries to help anyway, a meltdown can ensue. What can you do to keep 3 year old tantrums from taking place? Keep in mind that your child’s communication skills are much better at this age. They can verbalize more of what they want and need, which can lead to more arguments with their parents and causing a three-year-old tantrum. You already know that, at this age, children are exploring their independence. They are always looking to do things without their parents’ help, and when your busy schedule is unable to afford the additional 10 to 15 minutes, it can set off a three year […]


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Posted by Mark Lewis - February 1, 2013 at 5:09 am

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Getting rid of pacifier forever – My 3 tips for parents

Many parents see the pacifier as the answer to their prayers with a fussy child. After all, the pacifier can keep a child from becoming fussy. However, in time, parents find that this “answer to a prayer” has become a nightmare. Why? Their child has become hooked on the “binky” and is unable to do away with it. This now “babysitter” is a real problem.   Pacifiers are not good for two key reasons: A pacifier is loaded with germs (especially if used in public places or at daycare), which means your child is much more likely to get sick. A pacifier can cause the two front teeth to buck out. So, is a pacifier really worth it?   3 Ways in Getting Rid of the Pacifier Many parents, for one reason or another, postpone getting rid of the pacifier. However, if you plan on getting rid of it, you […]


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Posted by Mark Lewis - January 31, 2013 at 4:46 am

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Getting Aggression In Children Under Control with Empathy and Communication

Shyness and aggression in children is often the result of no assertiveness. Children have three ways in which they communicate:   Assertive communication – This is the kind of communication that benefits everybody. Aggressive communication – Children who tend to bully other folks and uses physical touch to attain what they are looking for. The goal, in their eyes, is to win, regardless of who gets hurt in the process. Passive aggressive communication – These type of children look at themselves as losers and others as winners. How to keep aggression in children down? If you want to keep a child’s aggression down, they must learn to be empathic. What does this mean? It means they must have some capacity to show happiness or sadness for another person. Empathy is extremely important in society. Without empathy, the world would be both chaotic and cold.   How You Teach Children To […]


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Posted by Mark Lewis - January 30, 2013 at 2:11 am

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